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OTF is seeking individual(s) or firms to help us understand what we can learn from our existing data, identify what if any data we could collect to deepen our understanding, and then create an initial analysis and visualization of OTF’s requests for support.
Next deadline: 

Background info

Since 2013, applications to OTF have been submitted via the OTF website. This application system includes a number of relevant fields that provide the ability to track a variety of metrics over time. These include requested amounts, region of focus and intended beneficiaries (a full list can be found here). The current means available to track this information over time is inadequate. Currently OTF does not publish this information in any form outside of the rudimentary analysis included in the static annual reports published each year.

OTF and the public would benefit from gaining additional insights from these metrics. This would provide the OTF team with increased information around historical developments and current trends in the requests for support OTF is receiving, along with insights on how to improve the program in the future. The public would have a resource providing substantially greater detail about OTF applications in an ongoing fashion. This increased transparency provides those in the internet freedom community with a greater understanding of the types of analysis OTF can perform as this effort continues to mature. Furthermore, OTF intends to highlight this increased transparency with other funders in the internet freedom space in order to encourage improved accessibility to these otherwise unavailable datasets.

We expect the creation a minimum viable product that highlights the basic metrics OTF receives such as number of applications, amount, region, duration, type, etc. The goal is to design and develop a data visualization web app that can display aggregate information from OTF’s application system. This approach will allow OTF to receive feedback on the types of more complex analysis and visualizations that will be of greatest value to different audiences interested in this information. This will inform OTF plans for future iterations of this effort.

Scope of services requested

Organization or individual applicants will be expected to perform the following services:

  • Work with OTF to identify what questions and answers existing data can address;
  • Work with OTF to identify what additional data may need to be collected to answer key questions;
  • Develop a standalone application that regularly and automatically brings in various data from OTF’s existing Drupal-based application system;
  • Ensure the standalone application runs within a Platform-as-a-Service (E.g. Heruko, Google App Engine, AWS, Scalingo, etc.) with outputs that can be embedded within and hosted on OTF’s primary website:
  • Design and implement a visualization of numerous data fields that answer identified key questions;
  • Create wireframes for the data visualizations;
  • Ensuring, in collaboration with OTF, that outputs that conform with a responsible data policy that communicates publicly what data OTF shares and why; and,
  • The design and implementation should allow for further independent development and customization by the OTF team, reflecting that OTF intends to continue to iterate over time to improve and expand this effort adding in additional fields, more complex analysis and an increased ability for any user to analyze the data from various perspectives including cross tabulation.
Miscellaneous requirements
  • All source code for software deliverables shall be made available by the contractor to the public as open source software, under the terms and conditions of a license determined or approved by us.
  • Unless specifically approved by OTF, the contractor shall only use non-proprietary, open-source software in the development for OTF, and all code developed as part of this contract which will be publicly available on GitHub or an agreed upon alternative.
  • Must agree to the Standard Provisions for USG-Funded work (here).
  • The application and applicant should complement OTF’s mission, values, principles statements (here).
  • An understanding of the internet freedom community demographic, their culture, and preferences. Previous working experience in the community strongly preferred.

Acceptable applications will be for no less than $5,000 USD and for no more than $50,000 USD, must include the number of hours of work being provided, and the hourly rate per offered service.

OTF awards are performance-based contracts signed directly with the applicant. Payment is issued on completion of work on agreed upon services outlined in a contract. OTF reserves the right to award less or more than the funds requested as deemed in the best interest of OTF’s priorities.

Schedule of activities

Acceptable applicants will offer to provide the requested services within a 6 month or less contract term.

  • 01-Jul-2017: Deadline for any posted questions
  • 07-Jul-2017: Deadline for applications
  • 01-August-2017: Estimated date for issuing contracts

Note, we can and may change these at any time. We’ll update this page and the topic here as changes occur.

Selection process

Applications must be submitted no later than 23:59 (11:59PM) GMT on the date of deadline stated on the OTF website. Only applications submitted through this online form will be considered. Applicants that do not meet any of these requirements may not be considered.

Ideal applicants are making use of, support, or develop open and accessible technologies, have a history of promoting human rights and open societies, and/or help advance inclusive and safe access to global communications networks. Applicants should have demonstrated experience administering successful projects, preferably targeting the requested program area, or similarly challenging program environments. OTF reserves the right to request additional background information. Applicants may be:

  • Individuals of all ages irrespective of nationality, residency, creed, gender, or other factors, with the exception that OTF is not able to support applicants within countries that the United States has trade restrictions or export sanctions as determined by the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC);

  • Non-profit organization/non-government organization, including U.S.-based NGO, PIO, or foreign NGO;

  • For-profit organization or business in any country;

  • Consortia of multiple people or organizations with one individual or organization designated as the lead applicant.

Pre-selection engagement

We very much encourage and hope to support as much public engagement with potential applicants as possible. Here’s how:

Post any questions you may have to this request here.

We’ll do our best to answer as many of them as we can before the application deadline.