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Legal lab

Legal Lab

Helping internet freedom projects navigate the complexities of the legal realm

Our projects are experts in technology, not necessarily in law. Legal Lab anticipates, assists with, and responds to various legal issues unique to Internet freedom projects of all stages. A variety of legal questions can come up related to incorporation, IP issues, appropriate language to include with a mobile app, etc. We connect our projects with legal professionals and provide general information common to all Internet Freedom projects.

Laws are everywhere and they matter. Our projects exist within that legal framework and they need a variety of legal support ranging from incorporation and legal ethics. OTF’s work with Internet Freedom projects help us catalogue all the different legal issues that an individual or organization may come across. Our projects may also need some guidance in identifying whether something is a legal issue at all. These include:

  • How do we incorporate as a 501(c) organization?
  • What is the difference between various 501(c) tax exempt organizations?
  • How do we secure our intellectual property?
  • How do we openly share our intellectual property?
  • Are there ethical issues with our projects?
  • How do we formulate a privacy policy or terms of use that adequately informs and protect our users?
  • What are the legal implications of my projects across various geographies?

What you get

  • Access to various Legal Clinics and pro bono services
  • Library of legal knowledge related to Internet Freedom


Email [email protected] directly.


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