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The Program
The Open Technology Fund utilizes available funds to support Internet freedom projects that empower world citizens to have access to modern communication channels that are free of restrictions, and allow them to communicate without fear of repressive censorship or surveillance. Learn more about our program

The People
Our Team, Advisory Council, and Fellows are a 40+ person community who speak 10+ languages, are from all over the world, know a lot about Internet Freedom, support 100+ projects, and know how to make yours succeed. The OTF program works to promote forward-thinking ideas and innovation, open philanthropy, alternative methodologies, emerging technologies, new approaches, and social responsibility. Meet our people.

The Difference
OTF is unique in that it can support any Internet freedom project that is approved through its rigorous proposal review and evaluation process regardless of the project’s size, location or organizational type. This allows OTF to empower a new pool of technology and development talent to engage in the pursuit of global Internet freedom that otherwise may not have been supported. Check out some of our accomplishments.